Your New Branch Council

Congratulations to our newly elected Branch Council. Full details and email contact details will be available on our web site soon.

It is encouraging to see many new names on the list and we welcome you all to the work of the Police Federation in supporting your colleagues.

Christopher Arthur 4909, Constable, Kenneth Steele House
Nathan Beck 3118, Detective Sergeant, Yeovil Intel
Alan Bell 1460, Sergeant, Fed Office
Stephen Bell 3741, Sergeant, HQ
Robert Blakley 880, Sergeant, Williton Response
Andy Braund 2316, Constable, Fed Office
Chris Burke 3710, Constable, Keynsham Offender Management
Zoe Chegwyn 2547, Chief Inspector, The Bridewell
Andrew Coggins 427, Detective Sergeant, Kenneth Steele House Investigations
Neil Dillon 2836, Inspector, Taunton
Marc Flavell 466, Constable, WsM Gateway DTO
Kelley Garrett 4717, Constable, Bath Team 5
Tom Gent 3591, Sergeant, Bath Patrol Team
Mark Harvey 3292, Constable, Yeovil Intel
Antony Henley 1143, Sergeant, Black Rock Tri-Force Training
Simon Lancey 4901, Constable, Somerton NHBT
Peter Land 2744, Sergeant, Fed Office
Mark Loker 4056, Constable, Taunton Response
Robert Morgan 1592, Constable, Patchway Response
Liam Motherway 877, Sergeant, Tri-Force Almondsbury
Jon Owen 667, Inspector, HQ Business Change – MHD
Iain Prideaux 2664, Detective Constable, Bridgwater Investigations Solve Team 1
Mark Probert 415, Detective Sergeant, Bridgwater Investigations Convict Team 4
Andrew Roebuck 3559, Inspector, HQ Staff Office
David Round 1708, Constable, HQ Comms IAU
Joseph Sanderson 4389, Constable, Minehead NHPT
Adrian Secker 1609, Constable, Bath NHPT Bathford
Jon Stell 3198, Sergeant, Kenneth Steele House Response Team 3
Gavin Waller 3504, Constable, Broadbury Road Response Team 4
Louisa Williams 2749, Constable, Bath NHPT Team 2