Representative Voting has begun

Dear Colleagues

Voting has begun to elect your new Workplace Council. This is your opportunity to vote for those colleagues you feel would be the most able to represent your views, offer guidance and assistance in matters of welfare and discipline. All Members of the Federation are entitled to vote and you should have been sent an email through the PNN network which outlines the process. Voting closes 21st March 2018.

How voting works: The email contains a Unique Voting Code (UVC), these are personal to each member and must not be shared. Members use their UVC to log in to the voting site and cast their vote at Once members log in, they are then given a number of votes to select their preferred candidates – they must vote for at least one candidate. Details of any candidates elected unopposed will also be on the voting site.

Members who do not receive their UVC: If a member has not received their UVC via their PNN email by 3 March, please contact the Federation Office.

Alan Bell, Secretary