Highlight professionalism with Body Worn Video

The roll out of Body Worn Video (BWV) continues and so does the value of it as research has shown a reduction in complaints against Police of 93%.

The Federation strongly support the use of BWV, as it provides a valuable layer of accountability and transparency, whilst showing the professionalism, honesty and integrity shown by officers on a daily basis.

We all know the corrosive nature of any complaint either against ourselves or our colleagues and the detrimental effect of what are often long, drawn out investigations.

BWV gives officers the ability to use their discretion to deal with situations in a way that best suits the public and we have been given assurance by the Chief Constable and the Head of PSD that there will be no ‘fishing trips’ for misconduct.

Today, Friday 2nd December saw the value of BWV footage in providing early resolution to complaints against officers and bringing about a swift decision by the IPCC of no requirement for an investigation.

In one case two officers detained a male who was violent and threatening upon arrest. This was witnessed and a complaint made of excessive force. The footage captured on the BWV quickly exonerated both officers, showing them to have acted reasonably and proportionately in light of the violence they faced.

The other case involved serious injury following Police contact, requiring an automatic IPCC referral. Again the officers, utilising their BWV from the start of the incident, provided investigators with an accurate account of how the incident unfolded and the significant efforts made by officers to help the individual.

We have been given the technology that not only provides unchallengeable evidence, but more importantly offers protection to you and your colleagues against malicious and vexatious complaints.

Your job is difficult, demanding and often dangerous; BWV shows that in high definition, so have confidence in using BWV to highlight your professionalism and switch it on!